CSPro 7.0 Beta Releases

(If you have used a previous version of CSPro 7.0 in a workshop, you will need to regenerate your .pen files with this new version.)


As a beta tester of CSPro 7.0, we would like you to look carefully at several things:

  • Do you observe behavior that is different than what you expect from having used CSPro in the past, particularly when working with text data files?
  • Are there aspects of CSPro that are confusing to you, particularly when working with the new set of data sources (CSPro DB and None).
  • Are you able to get the web code running on your server? We would love to hear about success stories as well as from people who have problems.
  • Please let us know if CSPro crashes. Sending us detailed information about what you were doing before the crash will help us fix bugs.

Please send any comments and feedback to the CSPro mailing list.


This page has information about the CSPro 7.0 beta release. If you are interested in joining a mailing list that will inform you when future betas are released, please enter your email below:


We do not recommend using beta versions if you are conducting a survey that is in production or will soon be. This beta can be used for testing or for creating applications for a future survey. So much of CSPro has been rewritten for this version that it is inevitable that there are bugs that we will have to fix. We hope to release CSPro 7.0 officially before the end of 2016.

CSPro 7.0 is very different from previous versions of CSPro. Under the hood there has been a huge change in how data files are handled. There are now three data sources that can be used to store data. Instead of using text files, we now encourage you to use the new CSPro DB data source. CSPro DB data sources, in one file, contain all the information that was previously stored in the data, .not, .sts. and .idx files.

CSPro DB sources also contain additional information, including a revision history that can be used to "smart sync." Smart sync means that, when transferring data between devices and servers, only modified data is sent, reducing bandwidth costs and simplifying data transmissions. CSPro 7.0 comes with the code to run a web server that allows you to sync data, from Windows and Android devices, to a centralized place.

To learn more about CSPro 7.0, download the New Features Showcase and run the data entry application as it will give you detailed information about changes. In summary, some of the changes in CSPro 7.0 include: