The idea of a First CsproUsers Conference for 2019

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The idea of a First CsproUsers Conference for 2019

Postby htuser » April 20th, 2018, 1:08 pm

Dear CsproUsers,
As you know, Cspro is the best existing CAPI framework. After last years recent improvements such as:

    SQLite and SQL direct Support (in his actual fashion, it miss full CsDB query...);
    CSS, HTML, JavaScript supporting via templated report;
    PHP supporting through Csweb;
    Powerful and Comprehensive Paradata support for complete and intelligent monitoring of the data collection step;
    Multiples programming languages improvements (smart synchronization, dynamic translation, etc);

The way is paved to erect it as a major actor in new and emerging data science market.

A software that has been initially designed for Census and Survey data processing will be, i expect, one of the leader in the artificial intelligence applied to data collection and processing, in the Big Data market (I know this request some improvement in the language by adding, among others, an object layer and the ability to use/import R, Python and C/C++ native libraries).

Now, we can, not only collect, process data for Census and Survey, but, with Cspro we can also design and implement complicated Information’s System used in whatever fields (Business,Monitoring systems, NGO, etc).

In order, among others, to share more knowledge and experiences, contribute more actively in the future development of CSPRO, by example, starting to translate help files on or improve Wikipedia page in your own language:
and more specially to say Special THANKS to the Cspro Developer Team, i'm launching the idea for a First CsproUsers Conference for 2019.

What do you think about?

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