FTP list of files

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FTP list of files

Postby Mariovaisman » March 13th, 2018, 5:33 pm

This is related to file transmissions.
I see that with the transmissions work very nice and efficient, which it is important, also the possibility to have logic and make a decision to get or put a file without closing the connection. The only choices that we have are GET and PUT, however sometimes is important to require a list of files that are in the server side in some specific folder to download those that were not downloaded before. It is like the ftp command ls -l or dir.
Those commands give the date and time of the file in the server, and based on that information, the application could make a decision to download those files that are new or that were not downloaded before.

I there a way to manage it.



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Re: FTP list of files

Postby josh » March 13th, 2018, 6:09 pm

We don't have that option currently. However, if you have already downloaded the file and you do a get it will not get downloaded a second time unless the version on the server has changed. This works by sending the file signature (md5) of the file already on the tablet to the server where it is checked against the file on the server. If they match then the tablet and the server have the same file so the download is skipped. Unfortunately we have not implemented the file signatures for PUT yet. It only works for GET now.

Also, PUT and GET both support using wildcards (*). So if you do a GET with * you will get all the files in a directory and since that also uses the file signature check described above, it will only get the files that have been added/changed on the server.

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