Cannot enter more than one person

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Cannot enter more than one person

Postby AriSilva » September 1st, 2018, 9:08 am

Summary: The problem is that the application asks for only one person, and goes to the next block (or form).
I have a huge application with more than 20 record types. There are two programs, one is the controller, which creates the records that will be used by the second program, the interviewer.
The very first thing the interviewer program should do is to make the list of the persons in the household. It asks for the name, sex, age, and the last question is if there is another person in the household.
It does not matter what you answer for this last question, it is getting just one person (By the errmsg I used to detect the problem it seems not to increase the curocc(). It is always equal 1, even when it returns to do what should be the second person).
In order to study the problem I created two very light applications with just the persons questions. One of the works well, asking for all the persons (and that is the behavior I´m expecting), and the other behaves bad, similar to the real application.
I attached the three programs, named:
10_Entrevista_Real (the real application)
11_Entrevista_Good (works fine asking for as many persons as there are)
12_Entrevista_Bad (asks just for the first person)
What is more intriguing is that the third application has no code at all!!
To execute the 11 and 12 are straightforward, run the program and choose any record in the list. In the 11, to stop entering persons leave the name blank.
To execute the real application you have to tab through the first questions, you will see some debugging errmsgs, and when it comes to the person list you have to answer “1” to the B10_MAIS field.

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Re: Cannot enter more than one person

Postby josh » September 4th, 2018, 6:45 am

The cases are being opened in modify mode. When you edit a case in a modify mode, the number of occurrences of rosters is fixed. To add a new occurrence in the roster you need to use the insert function. I'm actually surprised the good example doesn't do the same thing. I guess repeating forms are treated differently from rosters.

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