Different behaviors using Windows and Android

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Different behaviors using Windows and Android

Postby AriSilva » March 16th, 2018, 9:57 am

Hi folks,
(I´m sorry for this post´s length but I think I need to describe in more detail what is happening).
My application has two instances, a menu (one ent and one apc) to choose some actions from the interviewer, and the interview itself (another ent and another apc), pretty much the same as in the Synchronization in Logic example.
It is not a household survey. Basically it will be used as a Satisfaction survey to evaluate some health centers all over the country.
It starts by the interviewer selecting one of the centers s/he has to work with, using a list of the centers in a support file.
Then s/he defines if the interviews will be short or long. That is, a short interview will ask very few questions, while the long one will ask all the questions in the questionnaire.
One of the options in the menu of course is to execute the interview.
When he chooses it the program generates a pff file (exactly as in the synchronization by logic example) and executes it.
When the interview finishes the control returns to the first (menu) program, and the operator has to choose one of the options again.
Besides the "execute an interview" option there are several others, like reports, synchronization to and from the server, change some specific parameters, etc.
Everything is working fine, but here comes the problem:
Every time the interview program finishes one interview, the control returns to the menu, for the operator to choose another option. That is good for the long interview, but if he is working with the short interviews I would like that the control stayed in the interview program, asking for a new interview automatically, instead of returning to the menu and the interviewer choosing to execute a new interview. I´m loosing too much time, not only closing the interview program, reloading the menu program, and then the operator having to select again to execute an interview.
What I do not understand is that, in windows, the program does exactly what I need, staying in the interview program, asking automatically for new interviews, but in Android it does not behave like that, returning to the menu program as soon as it finishes the interview (being long or short).
I´m unable to attach the pff file that is generated by the menu program to call the interview program (the form does not allow that), so I´m copying it at the end of this message. If this is not enough I can send the whole package, with some instructions to reproduce the problem.
Another piece of info that might help to clarify the problem is that at the last question of the short questionnaire I use an endlevel instruction, like


if $ = 1 then


Pff file (generated automatically):
[Run Information]
Version=CSPro 7.0
Description=CRAS - Controle chamando entrevistas





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Re: Different behaviors using Windows and Android

Postby josh » March 16th, 2018, 11:07 am

Remove the line "Lock=CaseListing". This prevents the case list from being shown on Android and makes the interview application exit to the menu program after entering the first case.

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Re: Different behaviors using Windows and Android

Postby AriSilva » March 17th, 2018, 8:32 am

I already have tried that (I´m sorry that I did not report it before).
But when I do not use the lock option, after executing the first interview the control goes to the main screen of the interview program, listing the case and with the header "Add a new questionnaire".
What I really want is that after finishing the first interview the control goes directly to another interview, without any operator intervention.

Gregory Martin
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Re: Different behaviors using Windows and Android

Postby Gregory Martin » March 20th, 2018, 9:12 am

When we built the Android version, we decided to ignore the AutoAdd feature, which on the desktop means that cases will be added continuously.

If time is really a concern, you could restructure your application so that you use an external form to collect data. You could launch that from the menu application. I'm not sure how much documentation there is on external forms, but that's an option to explore:

http://www.csprousers.org/help/CSPro/en ... ement.html

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Re: Different behaviors using Windows and Android

Postby AriSilva » March 20th, 2018, 5:26 pm

Thanks for the answer, I´ll keep the external form in mind but due to develop time constraints I´ll try to survive returning back to the main menu.
Maybe if I have more time I will try to play with the external forms.

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