Time variable recording on Android

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Time variable recording on Android

Postby Benjy » February 25th, 2016, 11:01 pm

Good morning,

In the system I am building, I need to ask the respondent about the time he/she started his/her activity. Although there is a nice date format proposed in CSPro, which displays well on Android, there's seemingly no such thing for the time variable (at least HH:MM format). Because there is a limit of one item per page, it is not very convenient to use subitems with value sets (or they would then display one after another: first select hours, then select minutes on the next screen). Best solution I can think about so far is a drop list with a limited selection of time choices, e.g. 5.00; 5.30; 6.00; etc. Can anybody think of something more "sexy"? Is it possible to call, for example, an Android clock application, select and save the time?

Thanks a lot,

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