Rosters vs. Repeating forms

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Rosters vs. Repeating forms

Postby reeve » December 5th, 2015, 7:56 pm

In an October 2015 post, Josh nicely explained what rosters and repeating forms are:

"A looping or repeating form is a form that gets displayed for each occurrence of a repeating item or record. When you have a record or item that repeats you have the option of using a roster or a repeating form for entering data. With a roster, all the occurrences are displayed in the same form, one in each row of the roster. With a repeating form you don't have a roster, instead each occurrence is shown on a separate copy of the form. If a form is repeating you will see a little red circle on it in the forms tree."

The next question is when should a user choose the roster option and when the repeating forms option? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? I would guess (I have not used repeating forms) that the choice depends on what you want to see on the screen (in Windows). If you want to see previous occurrences, choose rosters. If you would rather see each occurrence separately (especially if the form is long and would require lots of scrolling on a roster), choose the repeating form. Does that cover it?

But in the context of Android CAPI where in either case, the questions appear one-by-one, is there a preference for one or the other?

What are users' experiences?

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