IF statement Logic to check two values

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IF statement Logic to check two values

Postby chalasa » May 18th, 2017, 7:23 pm


I am trying to have some logic which tries to check if the right value has been chosen in relation to another previous value.

From the attached documents you will see that there are a number of countries and each country may have 1 or more WPAs. What the logic in WPA_ID is trying to do is to check whether the WPA chosen is really matched with that particular country that was chosen earlier in the form. The logic is not working correctly, i am missing something kindly help.

I have attached my cspro docs and an excel sheet to help us understand it better.
Coding CCPS.xlsx
Country Coding with WPAs
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CCPS Survey.zip
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Re: IF statement Logic to check two values

Postby noel » May 19th, 2017, 4:43 am

Please try to replace

elseif country_id = 3 and $ <> 1 or $ <> 2 then
elseif country_id = 3 and !($ in 1,2) then


elseif country_id = 7 and $ <> 5 or $ <> 6 or $ <> 7 then


elseif country_id = 7 and !($ in 5:7) then

With these replacements, your syntax should work.

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